Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial AWIMA Scholarship

The GRANITE MOUNTAIN HOTSHOTS MEMORIAL AWIMA SCHOLARSHIP was created for those wanting to begin a career in wildland firefighting.  This scholarship was created to honor the Granite Mountain 19.  This is one of three educational scholarships that Prescott Firefighter's Charities is proud to sponsor.  Application is open to all Yavapai County residents, as well as Yavapai County public safety agency employees who are not residents, and their immediate families.  More information and application link can be found below.


Eric Marsh - The GMIHS Superintendent who helped create GMIHS in 2003, Eric was a rock and ice climber who also loved horses, fishing, and cycling. 

Jesse Steed – A Marine, a loving husband and father with a knack for making people feel special, Jesse joined GMIHS in 2009.

Clayton Whitted – A kind and caring man of faith, dedicated to leading by example, Clayton joined GMIHS in 2008.

Robert Caldwell – A loving family man with a love of the outdoors who was born to be a wildland firefighter.

Travis Carter – A family man who loved the Lord, he began his hotshot career in 2001.  Travis joined GMIHS in 2009.

Travis Turbyfill – A Marine and loving father and husband, he became a wildland firefighter in 2005.  Travis joined GMIHS in 2011.

Christopher MacKenzie – A man who loved life and always maintained a positive outlook,  Christopher joined GMIHS in 2010.

Andrew Ashcraft – A husband and father whose motto was “Be better”.  Andrew was named GMIHS Rookie of the Year in 2011.

Joe Thurston – A devoted husband, father, and son, he was an avid outdoorsman.  Joe joined GMIHS in 2012.

Wade Parker - A legacy firefighter who loved his family, baseball, hunting, and the outdoors, Wade was named GMIHS Rookie of the year in 2012.

Anthony Rose – A hard-working father and fiancée with a big smile and a great sense of humor, Anthony joined GMIHS in 2012.

Garret Zuppiger – A generous, kind, and hard-working man with a great sense of humor, Garret joined GMIHS in 2012.

Scott Norris – A hard-working man of faith who loved his family, making others laugh, and the outdoors.  Scott joined GMIHS in 2013.

Dustin DeFord – “He was a man of God first, and a firefighter second, but he did both with all his strength.” – Ryan DeFord

William Warneke – A Marine, a husband, and a father with high morals and unwavering loyalty, Billy joined GMIHS after serving a combat tour in Iraq.

Kevin Woyjeck – A happy soul who dreamed of following his father’s footsteps to join the LA County Fire Department, Kevin joined GMIHS in 2013.

John Percin – A man who loved his family and was guided by honesty and loyalty, John’s smile and kindness were unmatched.

Grant McKee – An outstanding athlete who was looking forward to forever with the love of his life.  Grant joined GMIHS to fight fires with his cousin, Robert Caldwell.

Sean Misner – A husband and soon-to-be father, Sean was a quiet, dependable man whose smile would light up a room.

PFFC is proud to honor these selfless heroes, our brothers and friends, and their sacrifice, with this scholarship.

Please click HERE to download the application.  Scholarships will be awarded in July of the current year.  Application deadline is May 31 of the current year.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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