History of the Charities

History of Prescott Firefighter's Charities

Prescott Firefighters Charities was founded in May of 2008.

Firefighters are in a very unique position to reach out to citizens of the community in their time of need.  Firefighters can identify the needs of citizens without one word being spoken.

A few years back, during the peak of the monsoon season, Prescott Firefighters responded to a home for a medical call. The firefighters arrived at the home to find that it was raining as much inside the home as outside.

Having witnessed the living conditions of this caller, the firefighters knew something had to be done.  On a volunteer basis, in their own time, the firefighters worked to solicit donations of building materials and re-roofed this callers’ home.

In December of 2007, firefighters witnessed a family who lost their home due to a fire.  Not only did this family have to deal with the destruction of their home, but the fire occurred shortly before Christmas and all of the presents went up in flames as well.

Feeling compelled to help make the best out of this devastating situation, Prescott Firefighters solicited donations from the public as well as donated funds and items themselves.  Collections obtained by the Prescott Firefighters to help,took 4 truck loads to haul.

After the experiences, Prescott Firefighters  recognized that there needed to be a group or an organization that could better provide for the needs of our community by raising funds and coordinating charitable events.  In May of 2008 the Prescott Firefighters’ Charities was formed.

In June of 2013, the Prescott Fire Department experienced a  tragic loss of 19 Arizona Firefighters “The Granite Mountain Hotshots” in a raging wild fire in Yarnell Hill.

The Granite Mountain Hotshot Families and the community were devastated by the tragic loss. In this extreme time of crisis, Prescott Firefighters Charities was able to provide support and assistance the families of these heroes.

PFFC raises funds in efforts to support and assist families who have lost loved ones, to have a positive impact in communities, and to help those in need.

The Prescott Firefighter’s Charities is operated by Prescott Fire Department Firefighters on a volunteer basis.

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